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Wunderlist Launches as Packaged App on Chrome Web Store

Wunderlist, the most popular task manager in the world, has launched a new app on the Chrome Web Store.

Now a ‘packaged app‘, Wunderlist for Chrome offers ‘a productivity companion that helps you get organized everyday, no matter where and when you need it‘, says Christian Reber, 6Wunderkinder Founder and CEO.

Wunderlist for Chrome

Wunderlist Packaged App for Chrome

Wunderlist boasts 4.5 million users with standalone applications available on most major platforms, including Android, iOS and Mac OS X.

Wunderlist for Chrome brings runs on Windows, Linux, Chrome OS and Mac.


  • Clean, straightforward interface
  • Hashtag-style tagging
  • Works offline
  • Chrome dictation support
  • Desktop notification support


Wunderlist for Chrome can be installed straight from the Chrome Web Store by hitting the button below.

Wunderlist Packaged App for Chrome

  • Jon A.

    I switched from Wunderlist to Astrid about a day before Astrid was bought. Now on Wunderlist’s syncing was buggy, and it bothered me.’s may be even worse, but I like the interface better. If only Yahoo hadn’t bought Astrid…

    • Phil Oakley

      There’s any packaged app, isn’t there?

      Wish there was a Trello packaged app.

      • Jon A.

        There is, in fact! Because if the whole syncing issue, I don’t use it extensively, but I do use it now and again.

        I’ve never actually used Trello, but it looks interesting.

    • dylan

      My guess it was using chrome’s built in sync API. I have had similar experience with chrome’s bookmarks.