Multi-platform ‘to-do’ app Any.Do is now available as a Chrome app. 

As a Chrome App – the new name for ‘Packaged Apps‘ – Any.Do is able to offer Chrome users a better experience than the Chrome extension the service also provide.

For example, it can now work offline to you create tasks and notes, set reminders and more without the need for an active internet connection. Then, as soon as you’re online again, the app auto-syncs the new and edited data with your online account, making it instantly available to access on the Android or iOS apps.


Tasks can be assigned to a ‘folder’ (e.g. ‘work’, ‘personal’) and, if needed, you can also set a ‘reminder’ using the built-in calendar and time picker.

Reminders set through the Chrome App do work in Android, however they don’t (yet) appear to trigger an event in Chrome itself – something worth bearing in mind.

Another nifty bonus to being a packaged app is that notes and tasks can be dictated using the built-in voice recognition feature.  I found this to be a little hit and miss in practice, but you might fare better with it.

Lastly, just like a traditional desktop app, Any.Do for Chrome sports a number of nifty keyboard shortcuts:

  • v – toggles between calendar and folder view
  • space – expands/collapses folders
  • + – adds a new task

Download Any.Do

Any.Do is a free download from the Chrome Web Store. It works with Google Chrome 29 and above.

Install Any.Do (Chrome App) from the Chrome Web Store

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