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Google Kills Chrome Apps: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Google is dropping support for web apps on Windows, Mac & Linux. In this post we look at the reasons why, what happens to apps already installed, and more.

23 August 2016
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Google Drops Axe on Legacy Packaged Apps for Chrome

Google has announced that 'legacy packaged apps' will no longer be published on the Chrome Web Store as of this week.

1 July 2014

Google Launch Dev Tools to Bring Chrome Apps to iOS and Android

Google have released a preview of a toolchain to help developers bring Chrome Apps to mobile platforms.

28 January 2014

New ‘Get Help’ App In The Works for Chrome OS

Google are working on a new desktop app for accessing ‘Help’-related topics.

22 September 2013

Any.Do Release New Chrome App, Brings Offline Support, Voice Dictation

Multi-platform ‘to-do’ app Any.Do is now available as a Chrome app.  As a Chrome App – the new name for ‘Packaged Apps‘ – Any.Do is able to offer Chrome users a better experience than the […]

17 September 2013

Google Marks Chrome’s 5th Birthday with Packaged App Push

To mark the fifth (yes, fifth!) birthday of Chrome Google has announced something special: 'a new breed of Chrome App'. But is it as new as it sounds?

5 September 2013