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Craig was born with an entrepreneurial spirit that keeps him dreaming of a better mousetrap. Never one in favor of much sleep, Craig spends his free time exploring the Chromium Project for hints of upcoming features, which has lead his discoveries to be featured on GigaOM and Android Police.

Chromebook-Ready VPN Options To Protect Your Privacy

Want to use VPN services on your Chromebook? This guide lists streamlined, easy-to-use and free VPN extensions that don't require a diploma to set up.

23 June 2015

Meet The New Chrome OS Recovery Utility

Creating a recovery device for your Chromebook is about to become much easier with the arrival of a new, dedicated packaged app.

27 May 2014
Sebastien Gabriel

Interview with Sebastien Gabriel, a Google Chrome Visual Designer

Sebastien Gabriel is a visual designer working with Google Chrome that is responsible for iconic symbols such as the Lonely T-Rex and the new Chrome OS Camera icon.

7 March 2014
What might .chrome look like?

What Might A .chrome gTLD Look Like?

Google has applied to operate more than a hundred new gTLDs, but what does Google have in mind for .chrome?

25 January 2014
A Parent's Guide to Supervised Users

Chromebooks for Kids: A Parent’s Guide to Setting Up Supervised Users

The world wide web can be a wild place, but with Chromebook's new Supervised Users feature parents can begin to fence in the playground.

9 December 2013
An Introduction to Tor on Chrome OS

An Introduction to Tor on Chrome OS

Want to use Tor on your Chromebook? In this post I show you how to set up a basic Tor connection using a couple of Android apps and some creative know-how.

9 October 2013