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Chromebook-Ready VPN Options To Protect Your Privacy

Want to use VPN services on your Chromebook? This guide lists streamlined, easy-to-use and free VPN extensions that don't require a diploma to set up.

23 June 2015

Meet The New Chrome OS Recovery Utility

Creating a recovery device for your Chromebook is about to become much easier with the arrival of a new, dedicated packaged app.

27 May 2014
Sebastien Gabriel

Interview with Sebastien Gabriel, a Google Chrome Visual Designer

Sebastien Gabriel is a visual designer working with Google Chrome that is responsible for iconic symbols such as the Lonely T-Rex and the new Chrome OS Camera icon.

7 March 2014
What might .chrome look like?

What Might A .chrome gTLD Look Like?

Google has applied to operate more than a hundred new gTLDs, but what does Google have in mind for .chrome?

25 January 2014
A Parent's Guide to Supervised Users

Chromebooks for Kids: A Parent’s Guide to Setting Up Supervised Users

The world wide web can be a wild place, but with Chromebook's new Supervised Users feature parents can begin to fence in the playground.

9 December 2013
An Introduction to Tor on Chrome OS

An Introduction to Tor on Chrome OS

Want to use Tor on your Chromebook? In this post I show you how to set up a basic Tor connection using a couple of Android apps and some creative know-how.

9 October 2013