aaaaIf you’re living down under you’ll want to circle May 7 on your calendar — this is the date when the Google Chromecast is set to hit Australia. 

At least, that’s according to sources who have been speaking to technology site CNET. They’re reporting that the critically acclaimed media streaming device will launch down under on this date.

While a little later than many would’ve liked (rumours had earlier suggested a mid-March release) few will be that put off by a further six-week wait. Plus, in that time, the number of apps and services supporting the device is only going to grow larger and more diverse.

The Chromecast launched in eleven more countries, including the UK, France and Canada, earlier this month.

There’s reason to be cautious about this date. UK retailer Currys/PC World shared a purported release date in the UK earlier this year that, ultimately, turned out to be wide of the mark.

Google themselves won’t be drawn on the accuracy of this new Australian rumour, saying they “don’t have a timeline to share”.

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