Google Chrome is now officially the worlds most used browser.

Sort of.

The claim is based on statistics from the independent web analytic company StatCounter.Chrome leap-frogged Microsoft’s Internet Explorer last week, but with a full data for May now available, the lead has been cemented.

Utilising data from over 15 billion page views around the world, the company’s end of month report shows that Chrome squeaked into the lead with 32.43% of total marketshare, a small but clear 0.31% above IE’s 32.12% share.

If StatCounter’s data is indicative – and it’s worth bearing in mind that different data providers show different trends based on their collection method – then Firefox remains the biggest loser, hamoegerring users to Chrome.

Worldwide ≠ America

Although it’s good news for Chrome globally Microsoft aren’t out for the count.

The same stats that pin Chrome’s lead worldwide also show that Internet Explorer still commands a steady 14% lead over Chrome in the USA, where Chrome only narrowly snatches second place from Mozilla’s Firefox.

Microsoft have rebuffed StatCounter’s data, and instead point to analytics from HitsLink. Their data proffers that IE maintains a dominant post-50% share to Chrome and Firefox’s sub-20% a piece.

The real picture will bear out as more stats firms publish their data for May.

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