Have you visited the Chrome Experiments showcase yet?

Chrome Experiments is a website built to showcase projects and technical demos of what the web can do. All of the experiments have been submitted by artists and programmers from around the world,  with the majority of which have been built using HTML5, WebGL and other open technologies.

Here are a few which just blow my mind:

The Wilderness Downtown

“The Wilderness Downtown” is an interactive short film created by a cool chap called Chris Milk, featuring “We Used To Wait” by the popular band Arcade Fire. Before the film starts you will be asked to enter the address of your home town. Once you click ‘submit’, it will then gather data from Google Maps and begin to play an immersive music video which ties in satellite and street view images (courtesy of Google Maps) of your home town, all stitched together with HTML5!

Please note that this short film is processor intensive,  so make sure you close unnecessary windows and browser tabs before starting.

Play it here: The Wilderness Downtown

This Exquisite Forest

“This Exquisite Forest” is a wonderful and unique collaborative art experiment presented by Google and Tate Modern. The idea of the project is that anyone can create a “seed” animation,  in which others can branch off and take the story wherever the imagination takes them. The great thing about this project is that anyone can create an animation, (it can be as short or as long as you like) and contribute to the bigger picture.

Enter The Exquisite Forest


“Z-Type” is a Shoot’em’Up game with a twist, you can’t just hit the space key to destroy the enemy space ships, you have to type to save the day! It is quite fun and is surprisingly addictive. The educational aspect of this is also great, I really do think that it could actually help people improve on their typing skills. On my last try I died at wave 10 on expert mode,  so more practising is needed I think!

Be sure to tell us what your high score is in the comments!

Play it here: Z-Type

In summary, I think Google is doing great work with Chrome. It really is fascinating what you can do with today’s technologies,  a little bit of know-how and imagination.

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