Following on from last week’s Chrome for desktop update to version 26, Chrome for Android receives the latest update.

This release includes new syncing options and performance improvements.

Version 26.0.1410.58 has now been released for Android devices. This release includes new Chrome Sync options. Passwords and Auto-complete will now be included in the sync options, so your saved passwords and auto-complete settings from your desktop should be available on your Android device.

Last month it was reported that Chrome for Android will include a new flag which will compress webpages sent to your device to reduce load times and mobile data usage. A similar feature can be found in Opera and Amazon’s Silk browser. The SPDY flag can be activated from chrome://flags, which will activate this compression feature.


This release includes a bunch of performance and stability improvements.

You can find today’s update in the Google Play Store. You need to running Android 4.0+ to use Chrome.

Google Chrome for Android on Play

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