Chrome for Android has been updated to version 28, adding support for Full Screen browsing for tablets and support for web page language translations. 

Chrome for Android has hit version 28 in the stable channel today. The highlight feature in this release is Google Translate for web pages. Similar to how it works on Chrome for desktop, when reading web pages in other languages, Chrome will automatically detect and offer to translate them to your language.

Full Screen Browsing was added in the last Chrome for Android release, but only for phones. This release sees support added for tablets too. Full Screen browsing works the same on both phones and tablets, simply scroll down the page and the toolbar will disappear.

Additionally, there is now a new optimized interface for RTL languages (including Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew)

For the past few months, the Chrome team have been trialing a Bandwidth Saving feature, which should reduce page loading times on slow connections, reduce data costs for mobile devices and browse more securely on your phone and tablet. Today’s update sees the feature available to all.

Finally, there has been countless stability and performance fixes.

You can find today’s update in the Google Play Store. You need to running Android 4.0+ to use Chrome.

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