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CIRC, a popular IRC app for Chrome and Chrome OS, has been updated with  handful of minor improvements. 

Version of the streamlined open-source chat client introduces a brand new icon, adds a smattering of extra keyboard shortcuts and offers power users basic support for the /alias IRC command.

#Good or #Bad?

The new icon arriving in this release will prove divisive. The old multi-coloured and layered hash icon the app used has been remade. It’s now taller, less intricate and uses a radial golden gradient rather than a collection of four primary colours.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 15.15.14

Is it an improvement? That’s for you to decide. One user has already filed a bug report asking for the old icon to be brought back and describing the new design as ‘awful’ — ouch!

Update: Since this article went live the developer of CIRC has said he is aware that “…the current logo is not ideal. It will change.” 

Update #2: A new icon (3rd in screenshot above) was pushed out in a release on June 1, though alternatives continue to be proposed.

Update #3: Another new icon (added to screenshot above) was pushed out in a release on June 9.

Sidebar Switching

In a less controversial change, chat rooms and servers listed in the sidebar can be switched between ad-hoc using the Alt+Tab (forward) or Alt+Shift+Tab (backwards) keyboard shortcuts.

Previous CIRC updates have brought better padding of UI elements, a collapsable sidebar, SSL improvements and additional IRC command support.

CIRC is a free download and is available from the Chrome Web Store.

CIRC on Chrome Web Store

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