material-design-wallpaperA new default wallpaper and an emoji picker are just two of the changes arriving inside the latest update to Chrome OS beta, rolling out today.

The Material Design background, which we shared with you back in October, is set for all new user accounts created in Chrome OS. Google is not forcing the change on existing users who have already changed their wallpaper from the original system default, and the change does not apply to Guest sessions.


And that’s handy as this release also (finally) adds support for syncing custom wallpapers across Chrome OS devices via Google Drive.

Other Changes

Users of touch-enabled Chrome OS devices like the Lenovo N20p or Acer C720p will find an emoji palette is now accessible from  the on-screen keyboard.

Other changes filtering down to beta users include:

  • New look App List folders
  • New ZIP Unpacker flag and extraction flow
  • Enhanced bookmarks
  • Wider Wi-Fi network information dialog
  • Various bug, stability and security improvements 

Chrome OS 40 (Beta) is rolling out today, but it may be up to a week before all eligible devices receive the upgrade. To manually check for new Chrome OS releases, head to Settings > About Chrome OS > ‘Check for and Apply Updates’.

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