The replacement US charger
The replacement US charger

A replacement Chrome-branded charger for the HP Chromebook 11 has been listed for sale on the Google Play Store.

Its appearance comes 3 weeks after the 11″ $279 ARM-based notebook was pulled from sale due to reports of overheating with the stock charger supplied.

While Google and HP subsequently warned owners against ‘using the charger provided’, and to use a standard micro-USB charger, such as those used in smartphones and tablets, the practicalities are far from ideal.

While standard micro-USB cables are more than up to the job of charging a Chromebook they are far from ideal in a practical situation. For one, they tend to be shorter than a regular laptop charger, which can be inconvenient for those wanting to use the laptop while it charges.

There’s no way of knowing whether the newly listed charger has been added as a reaction to this situation, or whether it was always planned. Google refer to the adapter as being ‘an extra’.

An official course of action from HP on how it intends to assist affected buyers has yet to be announced. 

The Chrome Charger

The UK Charger
The UK Charger

The power adapter is currently listed as “coming soon” on the US and UK Play Stores, where it retails for $19.99 and £14.99 respectively.

US buyers willing to stump up the money get, arguably, a better looking design, with an embossed Chrome typeface on the side of the device.

Those in the UK? Well, they get a more functional looking plug. But as long as it doesn’t melt that’s all that matters!

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