Google are rolling out custom themeing support for their web-based GMail service.

The “new” feature will allow you to set your own custom background in GMail, and choose between ‘dark’ or ‘light’┬áinterface elements.

Adding Images to GMail

As soon as the rollout hits your account you will be able to: –

  • Upload your own image background
  • Choose a photo already uploaded to Google+
  • Paste in an image URL
  • Search through a new set of ‘Featured Photos’ using tags

It’s worth pointing out that custom themes aren’t anything new, having been a part of Gmail since 2008. And the November 2011 refresh of the GMail interface brought with it a selection of new HD backgrounds.

But what today’s announcement does allow is for a wider range of customisation; you are no longer limited the small number of themes Google allowed.


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