Its Day 2 at I/O, and developer sessions are in full swing, but that does not mean there is no news coming from Google. 


  • Twitter and Facebook have today released apps for Glass. Tumblr and CCN apps will be arriving soon.

Nexus Q

  • Google has confirmed today that the new Google Play Music app does not work with the Nexus Q. The small number of users with a Nexus Q will no longer be able to stream music using their Nexus Q. YouTube and Play Movies will continue to function. Google is yet to announce a re-release of this device.


  • Google+ Games is to close on 30th June. In light of yesterday’s Google Play Game Services launch, Google+ Games will be retired in favour of Google’s new gaming platform.
  • Google has confirmed today that Hangouts will soon get SMS integration.


  • During the “Best Practices for Bluetooth Development” session, Googler Sara Sinclair Brody confirmed that Android will be supporting Bluetooth Low Energy in a future Android release. This new version of Android will feature API level 18, currently API level 17 is part of Android 4.2. Sara Sinclair says that API level 18 will be landing in a few short months. 

Developer Sessions

Majority of sessions at I/O have been recorded and uploaded to YouTube, you can find Day 1 and 2 sessions available online now.

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