Google Now Wallpaper

Many of you reading this will already be intimately familiar with Google Now – the intelligent assistant available on Android 4.1 and above.

The good news for those that have yet to use it is that many of its features – namely it’s ‘smart cards’ and voice search – are on their way to Google Chrome. 

When Google Now for Chrome does arrive it is unlikely to bring with it the awesome ‘Now’ screen that houses its cards on Android. This screen is topped with a colourful, illustrated header that changes with the time of day.

It’s a shame, for sure, but no-one needs to miss out.

Deviant Artist ~brebenel has put together four Now-inspired wallpapers for your desktop. They don’t automatically change with the time of day (sadly) but they are cutesy, cut-out and colourful backgrounds that suit any desktop.

Grab all four by hitting the link below.

Google Now Wallpapers

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