Untitled copyGoogle has issued a minor update to the Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics application, which we highlighted in an article last week. 

Freshly bumped to version 1.1, the network error checking tool benefits from a handful of minor bugs fixed, and a new test that checks the service availability of Google Hangouts.

Following this update ten tests are run by the app, though two hardware-based checks are limited to those using it on a Chromebook.


Hangouts aside the most notable addition is of short explanations on what each test looks for when determining a pass or fail. These blurbs are a little technical in detail, but not incomprehensible. At the very least they offer a few extra facets of information that will be of use when Googling a fix.

CCD Test 1.1

Full change-log for version 1.1:

  • Feedback form fixed on all platforms
  • Hang on certain network configurations fixed
  • Logging improvements 
  • Test criteria details added
  • New test for Hangouts service
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