ChromeOS’s Aura window manager – which is present in the Beta and Dev channels of the OS – uses sleek see-through borders around the edges of app windows.

As great as this looks out of the box the developers at Chrome are wise enough to know that what suits one user might now suit another. To this end the Dev channel provides built in options to adjust the transparency of window borders for solo, active and inactive windows.

To access the settings enter the following address into the Chrome Omnibox: –


chrome transparency settings

Click on the retro looking ‘-‘ and ‘+’ buttons to either decrease or increase the transparency value by one increment. Use the ‘–‘ and ‘++’ to do the same but in jumps of 5%.

After adjusting the settings you will need to resize any open windows before the new transparency values will take effect.

Feel free to play around; take the translucency all the way to 100% or bin the bling by setting it to 0%. It’s up to you.

Before and After tweaking Chrome Aura settings

The default values, should you wish to revert, are as follows: –

  • Active window 9%
  • Inactive window 20%
  • Solo window 80%