Are you a Samsung Chromebook (aka ‘The ARM one’) owner? Good news: you are one step closer to finally being able to use Netflix.

Although Netflix works on x86-based Chromebooks, as well as on Android, support for the ARM Chromebook has been missing since its launch.

Google insisted that it was a priority and, in a recent developer build of ChromeOS, we can see that they were true to their word: a Netflix plugin is now available:

The ARM-friendly Netflix Plugin in ChromeOS Dev

Note the version number of this ARM plugin, 1.0.3, against that available in regular ol’ ChromeOS, 2.1.2.

So the plugin has arrived – great news! Now for the bad: it hasn’t been activated yet.

Trying to watch Netflix on the Samsung Chromebook still throws out the ‘not supported’ error.

Netflix Says No – But Not For Much Longer!

But its arrival in the developer channel is proof that you won’t have to wait much longer to get your couch-potato fix on the Samsung Chromebook.

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