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MediaTek’s New Helio X10 Chip Already Supports Chrome OS

Taiwanese processor company MediaTek has said it wants its chips to power future Chromebook, news sure to surprise no one who follows Chromebook developments closely.

3 March 2015

Is a Dirt Cheap MediaTek Chromebook on the Way?

Could a new, dirt cheap ARM-powered Chromebook be in development? Based on a recent code drop to Chromium by MediaTek, it could well be.

13 July 2014

Powerful New Tegra K1 Acer Chromebook Leaks Online

acer chromebookWith a 13.3-inch screen and svelte white form factor, you could be forgiven for thinking that the device shown above is just another run of the mill Chromebook. However, you'd be mistaken.

22 June 2014

This Is Rockchip’s New Quad-Core ARM Chromebook

It might look like a cheap imitation of Apple's MacBook Air but the device above is in fact a new ARM-based Chromebook from ARM processor makers Rockchip.

8 June 2014
rockchip logo

Rockchip Is Working On a New ARM Chrome OS Device

Might an all new ARM based Chrome OS device be in the offing? Based on a recent commit made to the Chromium source code, yes.

21 May 2014

Quad-Core Samsung Chromebook Coming In May?

Samsung's Series 3 Chromebook - aka 'The ARM One' - is rumoured to be getting a refresh later this spring, if recent commits to the Chromium code-base are any indication...

8 April 2013

Netflix Support Officially Arrives on Samsung ARM Chromebook

Support for streaming content from on-demand video service Netflix has officially arrived on the Samsung Chromebook today.

11 March 2013

Netflix Plugin for ARM Chromebook Added to ChromeOS Dev

Are you a Samsung Chromebook (aka 'The ARM one') owner? Good news: you are one step closer to finally being able to use Netflix.

28 February 2013