samsung chromebook series 3
“The ARM One”

Samsung’s Series 3 Chromebook – aka ‘The ARM One’ – is rumoured to be getting a refresh later this spring.

In recent commits to Chromium code there are references made to a new development board code-named ‘dasiy_spring‘. Sounds innocuous enough, right? Could just be an entirely new Chromebook, right?


‘Daisy’ was the development codename for the ‘board’ used inside the Samsung Chromebook. It’s unlikely Google would reuse code-names – not when they’re having such fun coming up with new ones! Further more, the ‘_spring’ suffix implies an iteration/update to an existing device rather than an entirely new one.

The Samsung Chromebook remains the best-selling of all Chromebook devices released thus far, and remains the best selling laptop on Amazon. Building on this success would be a good move.

And there is already precedent for iterative upgrades. Acer recently revised the specs of their low-end Chromebook, doubling its RAM and battery life in the process.

But whereas the Acer C7 was in need of that, the Samsung Chromebook is already a good performer with a pretty fantastic battery life. So what ‘upgrades’ would a Chromebook get?

Well, the Exynos Dual SoC it only comes in one stock configuration – and the Chromebook is using it. It could, instead, be based on the sucessor to the Dual – the quad core ‘Exynos Octa’.

But that’s speculation on my part. For now we know very little about Daisy_spring and probably won’t do until nearer to Google I/O in May.

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