Over 100 new overlay effects, new adjustment tools and a rejigged layout feature in the latest update to the ‘Pixlr Touch Up’ image editor for Chrome. 

Autodesk, who make the offline-enabled app, has brought a wide range of vignettes, bokeh, light leaks, and grunge effects from their other photographic products to the free Chrome app in order to, they say, “add things people clearly like to use.”

pixlr 1.4
Samba Seagull Goes Grunge

Also arriving in version 1.4 of the app are two new adjustment options offering more advanced photographic effects, namely ‘blur’ and ‘sharpness’.

To accommodate the changes the layout has been marginally simplified. There’s now less clutter, larger effect previews and improved surfacing of options.

pixlr 1.4 update

Pixlr Touch Up is a free, ad-free application for Chrome and Chrome OS, available from the Chrome Web Store.

‘Pixlr Touch Up’ on Chrome Web Store

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