Cast Away (image: realplayer)
Cast Away (image: realplayer)

RealPlayer, the company best known for its desktop media player of the same name, recently marked the first birthday of its ‘RealPlayer Cloud’ app by sharing some brief stats on its usage.

RealPlayer Cloud for Android and iOS were among the first 10 applications to support Google Chromecast on launch, an early start that may have helped boost its popularity overall, but is by no means the sole reason for it.

What Is It?

RealPlayer Cloud offers 2GB of free online storage space for videos. Content stored online can be watched/streamed to and from almost any device, platform and operating system, including online and on the Xbox One.

Despite the popularity of its mobile apps the company say the humble PC remains the ‘most popular’ spot for watching videos stored on their service, with 4 – 8 PM (United States) being peak viewing time.

Although RealPlayer don’t offer specific stats on Cast usage they do cite a report that suggests 96 percent of users who stream video to their TVs do so using Google Chromecast. They feel this makes their offering well placed to assist.

VP of Product and Software at RealNetworks, Jeff Chasen, says: “People love taking their personal videos and watching their life’s moments on the big screen. So, as more people discover digital media streaming, we will be interested to see how our fans’ habits change and what devices they favor.”

If you fancy checking out the service for yourself you can – it’s free to get started with. You’ll find all the info and download links you need on the official website. 


  • Source: RealPlayer Press Release
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