Right Click to Save Content to Drive

When you come across an image, web-site, HTML5 video or audio track, etc that you want to save quickly – what do you normally do?

Chances are you right-click on the part of the page that you want and choose ‘Save As…’. This saves the item to your desktop.

But would you prefer to have these items saved directly to your Google Drive account, by-passing your computer altogether?

The Google Drive team hear you.

Save to Google Drive

‘Save to Google Drive’ is a handy tool that lets you quickly and effortlessly save bits of the web to your Google Drive with a simple right-click.

With the extension you can:

  • Save images/web content with a right-click
  • Save entire webpages in a variety of formats from the tool-bar
  • Configure the add-on through various options and settings

Saving Web Content

Saving images and HTML5 media is a snap. With the extension enabled just right-click on what you want to save and choose ‘Save to Google Drive’.

Following the save you’ll be given a few extra options letting you open the file instantly; rename it; or open your Drive account so that you can share it.

Saving Web Pages

Web-pages need to be saved by hitting the ‘Save to Drive’ icon in the toolbar.

You Can Save Entire Webpages, Too
You Can Save Entire Webpages by clicking the Drive icon

By default web-pages are saved in their entirety as a .png file. But heading to the options (right-click on extension > options) page lets you set a different default:

  • Save Entire Page as .png
  • Save Currently Visible Page as .png
  • HTML source
  • ‘Web Archive’ (.mhtml)
  • Google Document

Get The Extension

Save to Google Drive is a free extension and works with Google Chrome on the desktop & Chrome OS. Requires permissions to access your Drive account.

Install the ‘Save to Drive’ Extension

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