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Chrome First Aid

How To Fix ‘Update Failed (Error 7)’ Issue on Chrome Windows

Egads! Is Chrome refusing to update on Windows? Chances are you're experiencing the infamous Chrome Error 7 issue. Well, don't fret: here's the fix!

8 August 2014
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Essential Guide: Stop Google Chrome from Running in the Background on Windows

While Google gets to work fixing the Chrome battery drain issue affecting Windows users, an easy interim solution may help preserve laptop battery life in the meantime.

22 July 2014

How To Lock Your Chrome Session When Sharing Your Laptop

If you're on the hunt for a safer way to share your computer while protecting your privacy, this neat new Chrome feature is worth checking out.

16 July 2014

Chrome Hijacking Your Media Keys? Here’s The Simple Fix

If you're having issues with keyboard media keys not working when Google Chrome is running there's an easy (but not-obvious) way to disable it. Learn how.

4 July 2014

‘Save to Google Drive’ Chrome Extension Makes Collecting Web Content A Breeze

'Save to Google Drive' is a handy tool that lets you quickly and effortlessly save bits of the web to your Google Drive.

22 March 2013