Thought Chromebooks were dead? Think again.

Acer are reported to be prepping a second-generation Chromebook for release in mid-October, based on news given to Taiwanese hardware blog DigiTimes.

Citing ‘sources from the upstream supply chain’, they claim that the 11.6″ Chromebook is already in production and is intended to replace Acer‘s entire netbook line-up.

Sound unlikely? It’s not. Acer aren’t alone in ceasing netbook orders. All major PC manufacturers are edging towards this, having stopped placing orders to any sub-11.6″ netbooks earlier this year.

Interesting Move

The move is interesting given the (reputedly) dire sales of their first Chromebook, the Acer AC700. Reviewers took issue with that devices’ ‘flimsy, plasticky’ case, bad keyboard, and slow trackpad.

So why the re-effort? Digitimes claim that Microsoft’s move into hardware with the Windows Surface tablet has been the catalyst, pushing Acer to decide to market ChromeOS devices more ‘aggressively’.

Samsung launched their 2nd-gen Chromebook, alongside a Chromebox PC, earlier this year. Lenovo are expected to launch their first Chrome laptop later this year.

Can a second Acer Chromebook raise its’ game? That, Chrome fans, remains to be seen…


Digitimes via Craig Tumblison  

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