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Thinking of Buying A Nexus 5? Here’s A Real Life Review

Google recently released its 5th foray into the smartphone space with the Nexus 5 - but what's it like? In this post I share my experience with it so far.

18 November 2013

Thinking of Buying A Nexus 10? Here’s A Real Life Review

Google's flagship tablet device was plagued by a myriad of problems at launch. But, now that the bug fixing 4.2.2 release of Android has gone out, has it got any better?

18 March 2013

Take a Fresh Look at the Past With ‘Better History’

Chrome has a great history viewer by default, but if you wanted something flashier with more tools to help you manage history, then you would have to go elsewhere. This is why I decided to peruse the Chrome Web Store for the perfect tool for the job...

10 September 2012