Remember last year we told you that Google was working on a new API that would allow online services — like Dropbox — to integrate with the Chrome OS file manager? 

Chances are you do because it’s going to offer some awesome new functionality to Chromebooks everywhere, from accessing and syncing files to Dropbox, Box and similar cloud storage services, to accessing local Samba shares or sFTP.

Now, a new extension is available that demonstrates just how seamless and featured the ‘chrome.fileSystemProvider API’ is.

‘TED Talks’ for Chrome OS

Called ‘TED Talks’, the file manager bolt on is the work of prolifically productive Googler François Beaufort.

When installed it lets you browse the latest TED Talks from the Chrome File Manager as though they were regular local video files stored on your SSD.

You can sort, search and filter through entries as you would any other file, e.g., by ‘name’, ‘size’, ‘modified’, etc. Hit the ‘grid’ icon in the tool strip to view thumbnails, and double-click on a talk to start streaming it back in Chrome’s native Video Player app.


Install ‘TED Talks’ File System Extension on Chrome OS

Even when viewed as a mere demo of the possibilities afforded by the new File System Provider API, the extension is still quite something.

If you want to try it out you can install it from the Chrome Web Store — but do note that the add-on currently only works in Chrome OS Beta and Dev channels. If you’re on the Stable channel (or on regular desktop version of Chrome) it won’t do anything.

‘Ted Talks’ File System Extension on Chrome Web Store

More Coming Soon

You can expect to see a wealth of extensions making use of the new API to hit the Chrome Web Store (for Chrome OS only) in the coming weeks as support for it hits the Chrome OS Stable stream.

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