If you’re an owner of an ARM-based Chromebook you’ll be pleased to hear you can finally upload music to Google Play from your Chromebook.

The browser-based music upload feature that Google launched last March has, until now, been restricted to use on Windows, Mac and Linux and Chrome OS devices running on an Intel processor.

No more. Chromium developers this week confirmed that all Chromebooks, including those based on the ARM architecture, can now use browser uploading and use the desktop mini-player app to control playback.

Upload Music to Google Play Via the Browser

add music

To get started with browser uploads to Google Play Music on your Chromebook (assuming you have access to it, as it’s still not available in a handful of countries):

  1. Open the Google Play Music website in a new tab
  2. Click the ‘Add Music’ button in the right-hand corner

If you already have the Play Music “Mini-Player” app installed you will see a sheet with a button that lets you select mp3s, folders, etc. to upload to the cloud.

If you don’t have the mini-player installed you will be prompted to install it. For the upload feature to work you have to install this app (even if you don’t plan on using the desktop mini-player).

upload music to google play

That’s all there is to it.

Remember that Google allows you to upload 25,000 tracks for free, excluding music bought from the Play Store, which doesn’t count against the limit. If your library is pretty huge — in which case it’s probably not living on your Chromebook! — you may need to get choosey about what you add.

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