Did you know that you don’t have to settle for Flash on YouTube? Read on as we show you this quick how-to on how to enable HTML5 to enhance your YouTube experience…

I’m not the biggest Flash fan, mainly because it turns the video into a flicker-fest when attempting to watch in full screen. With the YouTube HTML5 Video Player, I can sit back and relax as it streams full-screen HD videos with virtually no flicker.

I’ll start by saying that this is currently a trial feature, and not all videos are currently supported (but most are).

“Okay, Show Me How”

Just click here to go straight to the HTML5 Video Player page. Make sure you’re using Chrome or any other modern and compatible browser and click the “Join the HTML5 trial” link at the bottom of the page.

Once clicked, you will receive a confirmation message and hey-presto, you’re ready to go. Pretty easy eh?

You should hopefully notice an increase in performance.


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