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ASUS Chromebooks Confirmed, But Are They Using Intel Bay Trail?

Asus_logoIt’s no secret that ASUS plan to enter the Chromebook market this year. In fact, we’ve reported on it several times.  What is secret is the form their Chrome OS portables will take.

In news that hardly is, the model numbers of two ASUS Chromebooks have been revealed.

The Chinese-language technology site ‘VR-Zone‘ reports that two ASUS Chromebooks are on the way – the C200 and C300. The ASUS C200 will reportedly feature an 11.6-inch screen, while the C300 will match the Toshiba Chromebook at 13.3-inches.

One old rumour related to ASUS’ plans claim that the smaller of these devices will retail at $199, while the larger will come in at $249. But other than that we appear to know little else about them.

Or do we?

Bay Trail, Baby

‘We were told by one source that an 11-inch Tegra 4 Chromebook from ASUS was on the way…’

Recent commits to Coreboot, the boot loader used by Chromebooks, added support for Intel’s power efficient Bay Trail platform. This seems to confirm last year’s discovery of a Chrome OS device built around a 1.9Ghz Intel Atom E3845 (Bay Trail) with 2GB of RAM.

Likewise, we know that a Chrome OS device based on a Nvidia Tegra 4 SoC, which uses a 1.9Ghz Quad-core ARM Cortex-A15 CPU, was also in testing around the same time.

Could these be the ASUS C200 and C300 Chromebooks? Last summer we were told by a source that an 11-inch Tegra 4 Chromebook from ASUS was on the way – could the C200 be it?

Aside from ASUS, other Chromebooks rumoured and/or tacitly confirmed to arrive this year include a 8-core update to the Samsung Chromebook; an additional Toshiba Chromebook and – this one is best taken with a grain of salt for now – a general release of the convertible Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga Chromebook.

We’ll keep you up to date with the latest rumours as and when we hear them. 

  • Na7noo7

    ASUS Isnt that good to me. I would get an HP Chromebook 14 in Black.
    But keep up with the C200!

    • Zactu

      HP Chromebook 14 (4gb ram) is very good – the blue is nice. If HP releases similar design with higher specs later, I’ll upgrade. Yea black would look awesome with the rubberised coating they used.

    • I don’t like HP’s quality. ASUS has better quality.

  • shank21101985

    Well Toshba Chromebook is good enough

  • dourscot

    Bay Trail is a cheaper, inferior SoC chip and would be a step back compared to Haswell even at these low price points. If they stick Bay Trail inside they clearly see Chromebooks as netbooks 2.0, which is disappointing.

    What the market badly needs are slightly better Chromebooks, not more of the same.

    • Justin Jones

      I don’t think so. My baytrail win8 tablet stomps all over the performance of my c720. Bay trail is a good thing for chromebooks imo.

  • sggodsell

    I think a baytrail chip is around 3 times cheaper then say a Celeron 2955U running at 1.4ghz, which happens to be on some Chromebooks. Although the ram speeds are critical as well. Overall I know this would be good for Chromebooks.

  • Mehmed

    With Willortrail (Baytrail +) [Silvermont -> Airmont) in 14 nm later this year they would fit the perfect Atom SoC in a Chromebook. It should be comparable to an ARM SoC but faster.