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Browser Uploads Coming to Google Play Music

Google may soon offer a way to upload audio files to Google Play Music on a Chromebook. 

While dedicated desktop music uploading apps exist for Windows, Mac and Linux, there is currently no way to upload music to Google’s cloud music service from a device running Chrome OS.

But that appears to be about to change. A drag-and-drop browser upload feature has been discovered hidden in the Google Play Music website’s source code.

Amongst the strings discovered is a line reading:

“Drag songs or folders here to add music to your library. Or, if you prefer, select from your computer.”

The Google Play Music Basics

Google’s music service allows users to upload and store 20,000 tracks for free, with music purchased from the Google Play Music Store not counting towards the limit. It’s expected that space for storing additional tracks will be available to purchase at extra cost in the future.

After upload, music can be played back using any internet-connected computer or mobile with a web browser, or by installing dedicated apps on iOS and Android. The mobile apps are notable for including a feature allowing users to choose a number of songs to be ‘cached’ offline for connection-free playback.

A number of third-party applications, including one for the Chrome OS system tray, are also available. A desktop Chrome App is rumoured to be in development.

  • When I received my CR-48 machine and started beta testing the ChromeOS and Chromebook, I of course immediately fell in love with it. One of the things I’ve consistently requested from Google since I got that first Chromebook was the ability to upload music from my Chromebook to Google Play Music. So I can mark one feature request out of a dozen off of my list. Now if they would make a Google Developed native version of the Google Play Music application I would be even happier. It’s a good feeling to know that they actually listen to the users and beta testers. Now if they would listen to all of America and stop aiding the NSA. :-P

    • a.d.AM

      You can UL music from your Chromebook now. You just need to make one of your Google Drive folders a folder that Google Music searches for new music. DL to chromebook, drop the file in Google Drive folder, UL begins. Works if you use a dropbox folder too.

      • freeum

        @a.d.AM – Can you elaborate on this process? How would you make Google Music search a Google Drive folder on a Chromebook?

        • crshortt

          If you have a Windows computer (not sure about Mac) with the Google Music uploader installed, in the settings you can tell it to watch any folders you like. If one of those folders is in Google Drive, then if you add a song to that folder via your Chromebook, it will sync to your Windows computer and be detected by the uploader.

          • freeum

            @crshortt – In essence, the music will be uploaded from the Chromebook to Google Drive, downloaded to the Windows machine’s shared Google Drive folder, and then reuploaded from the Windows machine to Google Music. No thanks. There will have to be an easier way to upload music directly from a browser in Chromebook.

          • You’re correct. That is not a good enough option. I prefer not to use Google Drive for music files and I don’t use dropbox or any other cloud service other than OwnCloud. But even with OwnCloud I still want a way to upload anything I download to my Chromebooks SDD/HDD to upload to Google Music without the having to go through the work around explained above.

          • crshortt

            Assuming this is indeed the idea that a.d.AM had in mind, I agree that it is not an elegant solution. Personally, I could wait until I got home, but it could work for some people who felt they needed to get a song or two into Google Music while out and about, assuming their home computer was on as well. One would only need to keep an empty folder in Drive for this, and I assume they could delete the song from the folder once it appears in Google Music. But being able to upload directly from Google Music would obviously be the best and simplest way.

          • a.d.AM

            It actually works really well. I have a shared folder with a friend on dropbox and when he drops some music files in it automatically goes into my GM cloud. It only requires a one time set up and it hast failed me yet. Not as easy as drag & drop but it works!! ;)

      • crshortt

        Will this only work if you also have a desktop computer with the Google Music uploader installed on it? If so, it’s still a great idea for being able to upload music from your Chromebook to Google Music – but if a Chromebook is your only computer, you are still out of luck, no?

        • a.d.AM

          If you only have a chromebook then you would be out of luck. You would need to log into someone elses computer and somehow set your google drive or dropbox folder through the google music uploader as a folder to look at for music files.

  • S. Murphy

    Could we at least have uploading available in Canada? Please

    • Anon1000

      I live in Canada and I can use the uploading feature without any workarounds. I just downloaded the program and it uploaded. To access it online, I just go to

  • Aaron Bell

    would this open up the possibility of making it easier to upload to my Amazon Cloud Player… honestly, the inablity to upload to my Amazon Cloud Player is the only real frustration I have with my Chromebook

    • Danny McVey

      Only if Amazon builds their own web app for doing so. There are no plans for one as far as I know.

  • Ryan

    I really wish they would allow browser uploads or uploads from the chromebook. I want to ditch all computers but the chromebook but this is the last thing holding me back. Still waiting!