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Chrome Message Center Arrives in Canary for Mac

chrome-notification-centre-on-osxMac users now have access to Chrome’s new ‘Message Center’ in Canary builds.

The feature, already available to ChromeOS and Windows Dev Channel users, provides a centralised place for viewing and responding to various alerts from services, apps, and extensions.

At present the feature isn’t too fancy; a status bar item has been added to the OS X menubar; an unread notification count (if applicable) appears beside this; and clicking on the item opens the message center.

In keeping with other platforms the status bar icon does not, currently, change colour when unread messages are waiting.

Also, depending on the type of notification sent (though most apps/sites still use standard ‘webkit’ notifications) you may see so-called ‘action buttons’. These range from ‘send message’ on an email notifications to a ‘call’ button on a contact alert.

Notification with Action

Notification with Action

Google Chrome Canary for Mac OS X can be downloaded at the the following link:

Google Chrome Canary Build for OS X

  • Ismaël Rodmacq

    Gaaahh how much time will it take for all those new fancy things to chome on Chromium for Ubuntu :(

  • Nick Summers

    Has anyone got this up and running yet? I’ve turned notifications on in Canary for Mac (chrome://flags) but I can’t get any messages to come through…

  • Mikko Kumara

    Why doesn’t the article mention this feature for Chrome on Ubuntu at all?

  • Jon A.

    Doesn’t this sorta conflict with the message indicator in Ubuntu? We’d have two…

  • Jop

    Why doesn’t it integrate with Mac OS X’s Notification Center?

  • Aleksander H

    I’m confused. I have a Chromebook using stable, but can’t see any notification center. Is it not in the stable Chrome OS yet?

    • Christopher Mason

      No. It’s dev channel.

  • dylanized

    This sucks! How can I disable it?