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Chrome Notification Center

Chrome Drops Notification Center from Windows, Mac and Linux

The Chrome notification centre — a pet hate of many — is to be removed from Chrome. Upcoming Windows, Mac and Linux versions of the browser will no longer include the feature Google has announced. Why?  Well, […]

14 October 2015

How to Disable Chrome Notifications on Mac and Windows

Don't like the Chrome notifications toasts? Want to hide the 'bell icon' it shows in the system tray? We show you how to disable both.

15 April 2015

Chrome’s Rich Notifications Are Awesome – And Here’s Why

Chrome's new rich notifications offer some big improvements over the old, webkit pop-ups used in the past. In this post I offer 5 reasons why they're so good.

6 December 2013

First Look: Chrome Notification Center on Linux

We knew it was coming but exactly how it'd look remained a mystery - until now.

13 June 2013
Notification Centre in Chrome Canary

Notification Centre Settings Arrive in Chrome Dev on Mac

Google Chrome Canary users on OS X will be pleased to learn that the new Notification Centre finally has settings.

11 June 2013

See What’s New In the Latest Chrome OS Dev Update

The Dev Channel of Chrome OS has been updated this evening with a bunch of minor changes.

29 May 2013

New Chrome Message Center Lands in Chrome Beta for Windows

Google has added a new Message Centre to the latest beta channel build of Chrome for Windows.

23 May 2013

Chrome Message Center Arrives in Canary for Mac

Mac users now have access to Chrome's new 'Message Center' in Canary builds.

17 May 2013