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Google’s Latest Chrome Extension Wants to Ask You Stuff

Feeling helpful?

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 00.37.09Google has launched a new Chrome extension to gather feedback from Chrome users.

It’s called ‘Chrome User Experience Surveys’ (CUES for short) and is available to install from the Chrome Web Store today.

“We’re looking for a few bold Chrome users to be part of the first group to try out a new way to give Google feedback,” reads the Store page listing.

But how does it work?


Feedback Made Prescient

As the name implies, users installing the extension will, from time to time, based on their interaction with Chrome, see a pop-up notification asking them to take a short survey.

The survey prompts will appear at “event specific” moments, according to Google.

Precisely which ‘events’ will trigger a survey notification are not detailed by Google but are likely to cover specific features, options and settings, experimental changes to the UI, and encounters with security, connection and malware warning pages.

The key difference here is that the survey prompts appear pretty much as and when you come across the trigger.

The Surveys

Chrome Survey Page

Chrome Survey on Inline Install Dialogs

Each survey only takes a couple of minutes to complete and a (theoretical) maximum of four survey requests will be shown to per user per week to ensure that no one is nagged to distraction.

The feedback collected through the surveys will be used to improve Google Chrome for everyone.

Things To Note

In an attempt to head off privacy concerns before they’re raise Google say the extension does not monitor or track browsing history. The only data sent by the add-on is when the “infrequent” events take place and the survey responses filled in to accompany them.

The feedback period as a whole will last 120 days from the date of installation after-which the extension will automatically remove itself from Chrome.

survey completion

Survey Completion Page


Is it worth opt-ing in? Well, that depends.

Aside from the warm glow of being helpful there is no reward or prize for installing the extension or completing a surveys within it.

But seeing Google Chrome improve based on the feedback of users is, perhaps, reward enough.

Chrome User Experience Surveys is a free extension for Google Chrome and is available to install from the Chrome Web Store.

If you want to opt-in to help Google out you can do so by hitting the link blow.

Chrome User Experience Survey’s on the Chrome Web Store

  • ChromeDude

    Cool. A little more user input is always a good thing. And of course, I’ll enjoy that warm feeling of being helpful.

  • ForSquirel

    installed, gonna see what it’s like just for S&G’s

  • Adrian

    It doesn’t seem to use much system resources.
    I have a lot to tell them people.

  • jambamkin

    If dendoport isn’t a thing… It should be.

  • xdigi

    “In an attempt to head off privacy concerns before they’re raise Google say the extension does not monitor or track browsing history. ” LOL Ok Google. Sure it doesn’t….

  • hzd

    That’s good of them considering how much basic “desktop” like function is missing, hopefully they will allow android apps to run natively on our devices.

    Just got my pixel this week to find there are not many decent time waisting games to play or any substantial media player for a mobile device !

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  • A step in the right direction, this way it will help Google to understand the Chrome users better and more closely. I am up for it. Installing it now.

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  • Ayush Shenoy

    For the warm glow of being helpful and contributing to the development of Chrome!!

  • Merlin Conrad

    If I could just rename the removable device

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