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Chromebook Sales to Hit 5.2 Million This Year, Data Shows

Back of the Dell Chromebook 11.

Dell underestimated demand for its Chromebook

More than five million Chromebooks are on course to be sold this year, industry analyst outfit Gartner, Inc has said.

Data crunched by the information technology research company is predicting a healthy year-end total of 5.2 million Chrome OS devices sold — a 79% increase on the number of units that were shifted during 2013.

And by 2017 things will be even more bountiful, with forecast sales to top 14.4 million units.

Buoyant Sales

The buoyancy of Chromebooks comes as computer makers try to offset the continuing fall in sales of traditional PCs by investing in alternatives, such as Chromebooks.

Around half of this year’s projected figures will be made up by consumer sales, and education and enterprise sales accounting for the rest.  Demand from the education sector in the U.S. is so strong that Google sold more than 1 million Chromebooks between April and June of this year alone.

But while the growth is there, Gartner’s principal analyst Isabelle Durand claims that Chromebooks “will remain a niche market during the next five years.”

”To reach a wider audience, vendors need to offer better features that address cloud-based usage patterns: faster connectivity, faster memory access, faster and larger solid-state drives, and strong user support in the education, business and consumer segments,” she adds.

Acer Leads The Pack

In all, as many as 20 new Chromebook models are expected to be on sale by the end of the year. But which manufacturer stands to benefit from a boost in sales?

Based on current trends, Acer. The Taiwanese company this week unveiled its latest offering: a $279 Nvidia Tegra K1 based Chromebook with impressive 13 hour battery life.

It will be interesting to see how — if — Samsung, whose latest device was met by middling reviews and patchy distribution, respond.

  • Roberto Gargiulo

    Awesome, I will be buying this new Acer with Tegra K1 just as it is available in Europe. Chromebooks become faster and stronger every day, in a few years Google will control our lives.

    • Frederic MANSON

      In France, the “entry” model is sold at €300.00 via I am waiting for the full options model, aka 4 gigs/32 gigs/full HD.

      About what Gardner said, it’s true. More Ram, more storage (64 gigs seems to be a correct storage space) and it’s okay. For the MS Office users, with MS Office Online, it’s okay and we really do not need to buy the Office Suite at all. One of the lacks is that not all the media codecs are used, that’s a flaw because a lot of courses are made with a lot of codecs. One of my grief against Chrome OS is the lack of a more friendly UI. Minimalist doesn’t mean to be really at the minimum.

  • Seth Gill

    I am surprised that Google are not throwing more of their weight behind Chrome OS. If it is already doing well with schools, the next market would be the general public. And they can easily make it more appealing for almost everyone except for gamers.