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Google Launch ‘Keep’ – New Note-Taking Service


Google has unveiled their latest online service – a new note-taking app called Keep.

Under the slogan “save what’s on your mind“, the Google Drive-powered lets users create, store and access notes, lists, images and more from either their Android devices or via the web interface.


Compared to similarly-pitched to-do services like Evernote, Google Keep is way more basic. There are no tags, labels, or folders; you can’t drag n’ drop items into some sort of hierarchy; and if you’re in dire need of time/schedule management you’re also out of luck.

The “text editing” aspect of the note-editor is also lacking support for traditional formatting options.

If Google is the desk then Keep is the pad of sticky notes lingering at the back.

But for a clutter-brain like myself these perceptual negatives are actually positives. Less really is more when all you need to do is jot down a fleeting thought, or compile a last-minute shopping list.

I look at it this way: think of Google as the desk and Keep is the pad of sticky notes lingering at the back. It may not be as a shiny or fancy as the digital ‘jumbo jotters’ we like to think we’d use but it is, like the humble sticky note, the one we’ll find ourselves reaching for more often.

Google Keep Extension

A Google Keep Chrome extension and web app will likely appear shortly, but in the mean time you can use the Android app or head straight to the Keep website itself:

Google Keep Website

  • What’s with the Ubuntu Software Center icon?

    • My guess is that it’s the last image Joey had on his computer?

    • Joey also writes at, which recently had an article about the new Ubuntu Software Center icon.

  • Zachariha Robichaud

    So far seems good. I like the interface.

  • Reminds me of the note taking app on my cellphone. Pretty good, I like basic and lightweight. Hope we get offline support and syncing for it on Chromebook. I’ll still be using scratchpad until then.

    Why’d they scrap scratchpad just to relaunch a new note-taking app? To much trouble to redesign and rebrand?

    • ldrn

      I like the name scratchpad more, too. Or heck, notebook? But I guess it isn’t a notebook.

  • AngusPearson

    If they’re running this on Google Reader servers then I’m not going to be happy >:-/

  • Miggs

    And if it’s not popular enough.. kill it.

  • I love Roboto Slab, the new variant of Roboto introduced in Keep!

  • Cynic

    Deja vu?

    They’ve just killed Notebook…

  • Isn’t Wunderlist better?