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Google Roll Out a New, Blue, Favicon

Google have updated the favicon for their homepage.

The Google favicon is one of the most widely recognised favicons on the web (no surprise given Google’s dominance).

But from today onwards visitors to the Google homepage (in most territories) will notice a light-blue emblem in the corner of their tabs, URL bars, and other favicon savvy places.

The new favicon replaces the ‘multi-coloured’ tile introduced in June 2009.

Two Versions

Although the new favicon is blue there seems to be a bit of confusion as to the placing of the ‘g’ within it as Google seem to be testing two versions:

The one most people will see from today onwards is a light-blue rounded square with a centered ‘g’ in the middle.

A 128px version is also sitting on Google’s servers. This take sports a darker blue and left-centered ‘g’:

For reference here are Google’s three previous favicons:

Are you a fan? Or do you prefer the old one? There’s a comments box below waiting to know!

  • Lee Jarratt

    I love it! Much more modern :-)

  • jokerhacker

    well i like new stuff and i like the new favicon ;)

  • etsnyman

    My favorite remains the multicolored June ’09

    • link or attachment pls

      edit: oh — it’s in the post :P my bad

      • etsnyman

        Oh, that’s awkward…

  • ArchaicReality

    wonder why they have been downgrading to a lower case letter….hmm

  • It’s definitely nice and clean. Which brings me onto noticing that OMG! Chrome! doesn’t have a favicon. It cannot be unnoticed!

    • They do, at least for me.

      • Oh. Well, my internet connection in this village is ridiculous, so maybe it just hasn’t loaded or something?

  • Meanwhile in Iran..

  • John Georgine

    Metro? Windows 8 style?

    • jadcw


  • I like blue so… I’d prefer the one sitting on their servers. The baby blue one’s just not transitional from the June ’09 version as the June ’09 version is from the June ’08.

    But, wow, that’s 3 years compared to the 1 year that the June ’08 version lasted. Honestly, I don’t remember the June ’08 version…

  • It’s to match the Chrome Google Search App: Which has been there for a good few months. Cam installed by default in Chrome for awhile.

  • multicolored favicon looks much better!

  • Jaye

    June ’08 look like a inside out version of the new one

  • nice new favicon! ;p

  • StefanIvanovic

    I really love the new style

  • Awesome Icon! :D