The HP Chromebook 11 Wallpaper
The HP Chromebook 11 Wallpaper

If you’ve read anything about the newly-launched HP Chromebook 11 then you can’t have missed seeing its colourful geometric wallpaper in product images and screenshots.

But where can you download it?

Like every other Chrome OS wallpaper, the geometric wonder, which is credited to Sebastien Gabriel and Andre Stubbe, is available to download on any Chromebook or Chromebox –  just fire up the Wallpaper Picker (right-click on the desktop to quickly open it up) and select it from the ‘All’ or (confusingly) ‘Nature’ section.

But if you don’t own a Chromebook, or like the pattern so much that you wish to use it on your other devices, you can grab it from the Chrome OS public wallpaper archive.

It’s a hefty 2MB download, clocking in at a Pixel-friendly 2560 x 1700 resolution.

I will point out that the “legality” of downloading the drape on anything other than a ChromeOS device is a bit of a murky area. The manifest file for the wallpaper neither specifies a copyright or restriction policy.

Want it? Right-click on the button below and choose ‘Save Link As…’ to nab a copy for yourself.

Download the HP Chromebook 11 Wallpaper (2560×1700)

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