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Chrome’s Wallpaper App Gets An Awesome New icon

We'll keep this one brief: the wallpaper picker app in Chrome OS will shortly gain a new Material Design icon.

25 February 2015

Like The HP Chromebook 11 Wallpaper? Here’s Where to Download It

Like the colourful geometric wallpaper used in product shots of the HP Chromebook 11? The background is now available to download in high-resolution.

7 November 2013

Over 25 New Wallpapers Added to Chrome OS

If you haven't changed your Chromebook's background for a while you're missing out...

22 May 2013

The New ChromeOS Wallpaper Picker Is A Thing of Beauty

Here's a change in ChromeOS dev that many of you will find trivial but a few, myself included, will find beautiful: a dark wallpaper picker.

3 March 2013