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Over 25 new photographic wallpapers have been added to the Chrome OS wallpaper library today.

The designs by photographers Trey Ratcliff and Greg Spencer join an already impressive line-up of photographic wallpapers available to Chrome OS users.

The relatively new-ish Wallpaper Picker in Chrome OS means that unlike other operating systems you don’t have a giant stack of unused wallpapers collecting dust on your hard-drive. Only the images you choose to use are cached on disk

When offline, cached wallpapers will appear in colour in the picker app, while those unavailable are desaturated.

The new wallpapers, as well the old ones, can be viewed and downloaded using the Chrome OS wallpaper picker. To access this in Chrome OS simply right click on the desktop and choose ‘Set Wallpaper…’.

For non-Chrome OS users you can sift through and grab your favourite drapes using the app linked to below.

Chrome OS Wallpapers App for Google Chrome

Chrome OS News wallpaper wallpaper picker