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New Look ‘Incognito Mode’ Heading to Google Chrome

A refreshed version of the Chrome incognito mode landing page is being tested by Google developers. 

The landing page that greets private session users has changed little since Google launched Chrome back in 2008. But a refreshed new tab page – featured in the latest builds of Chromium, the open-source base upon which Google Chrome is built – has been redesigned with a cleaner, brighter look.

The New Look Incognito Page

Chief among the changes is a large header to inform that the user has ‘gone incognito’. This is backed up by a large ‘incognito man’ icon to the right of the text (modelled in the style of Android’s rumoured ‘moonshine’ icon theme). Given how synonymous the ‘spy’ iconography has become with private browsing, this is a smart move by Google.

incognito page

The Chrome Incognito Page current (top) and proposed (bottom)

The text description of the feature that appears in each new tab has also been tightened up. The final paragraph on extensions has been dropped entirely and the ‘learn more‘ link positioned higher in the copy.

Incognito Mode

Incognito mode allows users to browse the internet without having pages logged in ‘History’, cookies stored past quit or search terms remembered. Files downloaded during a session as well as any pages bookmarked will, however, be retained.

Chrome’s iOS and Android applications also include private browsing modes and are likely to receive this change as and when the desktop builds do.

Do you like the new incognito page or prefer the current version?

  • Definitely a fan of the new design, but I wish they kept the extensions warning somewhere on the bottom in at least a late tax so users looking for more technical information can be informed.

  • Wesley Files

    I like the new one very much.

  • Jamie White

    Now all we need is for same window incognito tabs ala Android stock AOSP browser.

  • Ry Hockman

    I like the old style

  • Ankit Pati

    Can we please have justified text in the user interface? That looks much better than left-aligned text. And this applies to all software on the planet (and beyond), not just Chrome.

    • rahuldsouza

      I’m dyslexic and find left aligned text much easier to read. In fact, justified text is more difficult to read online than in print. I do agree though, it does look nice.

      • Ankit Pati

        Sorry, I had no idea about the accessibility implications of justified text.

  • Why the dishonesty, why not just name it porno-mode.

    • Stephen Mitchell

      Because private browsing’s real purpose is to conceal ones buying habits from the better half (duh!), as famously explained by Microsoft:

  • New style is much cleaner and modern. it’s time for an update.

  • IMO, It needs an option to also disable the cookies, cache and information from the regular mode from being (re)used in the incognito mode. Probably, not share the profile at all….

  • KellyRichards19

    Am I the only one that noticed how Google decided to remove the government from the list of entities that can monitor your browsing on the new landing page?