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New Cursors Coming to Chrome OS

Is news of new cursors (the icon that moves on your screen when you use a mouse or trackpad) the most exciting of changes?

Probably not, but since we try to cover every facet of Chrome OS, from the big to the small, it’s worth us pointing out that over 20 new cursor icons are set to arrive in the OS in the coming weeks.

The cursors come as part of Google’s continued visual refresh of Chrome OS.

  • ArchivedAnnals

    What’s the source for this?

  • Satchit Bhogle

    They look very friendly. I like them.

  • W.G.

    Does it annoy anyone else that the hand icons aren’t black with a white outline? Seems inconsistent, been irksome to me for awhile….

    • It might be a racist thing :-)

    • Mac has the black cursor with white outline, but it too has the pointer and grab cursors that are white with black outline. (o_O’)

  • A link to download it for Windows ?