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Chrome OS To Let You Open Apps By Voice

ok google chromeos

Minor improvements are on the way to the ‘Ok Google’ voice search feature in Chrome OS.

The latest Canary builds of Google’s web-centric operating system features support for opening applications and launching websites directly using voice commands alone.

Canary channel ninja Will Greene, who told us about the changes by e-mail, reports that he was able to open ‘Google Keep’, ‘Files’ and ‘Get Help’ by name after trigging the voice search feature in the App Launcher using the ‘Ok Google’ hot word.

Similarly, Greene says adding a ‘.com’ suffix to a voiced search term will open the relevant website directly, rather than, as now, returning a list of search results.

For example, to launch this site one would only need to open the App Launcher, say ‘Ok Google’ to trigger voice search, then speak ‘omgchrome dot com‘.

It’s not yet know precisely when — or if — these changes will filter down to Dev builds of Chrome OS. But, with recent builds of Chromium on the desktop enabling ‘Ok Google‘ support to the Chrome omnibar, it’s clear that integrating voice search into Chrome ranks highly on Google’s list of priorities for right now.

  • Stijn Berendsen


  • Victor Who

    I swear….Chromebook development is just so freaking exciting. While Microsoft is STILL trying to get people to accept their vision of what an operating system should be, Google and the Chrome team are doing this.

  • Wesley Files

    I still really want an option to have this feature always ready, like on the Nexus 5. It just makes so much (more) sense in the home.

    • jm9843

      That was my initial reaction too, but with a dedicated Search key to open the app launcher, it’s not so bad.

  • Kenny Strawn

    Tested in Chrome OS Canary on my Acer C720-2802… definitely have to say that it’s a success.

  • Curtis Mitchell

    This might be the first use of voice command that will really be helpful for me. I typically don’t need or want it on my phone/tab but when I’m sitting at home with something going on my desktop and I need to look something up on my laptop, voice commands would be much faster than reaching over to the laptop’s keyboard