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Pixlr Touch Up for Chrome Adds New Text Tool, More Adjustment Options

A bevy of new features have been added to powerful Chrome image editing app ‘Pixlr Touch Up’.

In an update to Pixlr pushed out through the Chrome Web Store today, users will find a new text overlay tool on offer.

Twenty different fonts are included, but as it isn’t able to access those installed locally users will be limited to these. Rounding out the much-requested feature are options for adjusting the alignment, colour and opacity of text.

Pixlr Text Features

Pixlr Touch Up 1.5.0 also grows the number of adjustment features included with three new options: ‘Smooth‘, ‘Airbrush‘ and ‘Liquify’.


The Smooth effect, which is applied to the entirety of an image, is useful for reducing noise or evening out tones. The intensity can be adjusted on a sliding scale, which is helpful to avoid excessive blur and limit the loss in texture.

The Airbrush tool is useful for smoothing out specific areas of an image. The size and intensity of the brush can be adjusted in Pixlr, with an ‘erase’ option available to ‘un-smooth’ any overspill.

The last of the new effects is ‘Liquify‘, a ‘deforming’ tool for manipulating areas of a photo. Three brush presets are included – ‘Enlarge’, ‘Shrink’ and ‘Push’.

There are also two ‘auto-adjust’ effects that are able to evenly stretch the image vertically (‘Instant Tall’) or squash it horizontally (‘Instant Thin’). These can be applied repeatedly until the desired effect is achieved.  

Get Pixlr Touch Up for Chrome

Pixlr Touch Up is a free download, runs offline and can be found on the Chrome Web Store.

‘Pixlr Touch Up’ on Chrome Web Store

  • Efjay

    Aww, what a lovely cat!
    I really quite like this app, the only thing I have a problem with is loading one format and saving another. Keep needing to go to Gimp for that.

  • I will cry tears of joy the day Pixlr Editor becomes a native packaged app that doesn’t use Flash.

    • Denis

      I’ll cry tears for a packaged app of Evernote. That’s the only thing that keeps me from moving to Chrome OS. My laptop has, basically, just Chrome and Evernote running on.

    • Efjay

      Yeah but it does run offline, which is the important thing. For now I don’t care if it runs on a prayer and two rubber bands as long as it works.

  • James Welbes

    why don’t they just include this in the regular app? Pixlr is seriously lacking in the fonts department. I usually end up opening google docs, type my text with the font I want, take a screenshot, and open it in pixlr since all of pixlr’s fonts suck.