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‘Samsung Chromebook 2’ Listed for Pre-Order on B&H Website

samsung chromebook 2 listings

The leaked listings as they appeared on the website

Pre-orders for two new Samsung Chromebook models have appeared on the American B&H Photo Video store website.

Both models are titled as the “Samsung Chromebook 2”,  badged as a ‘new release’ and are available to pre-order.

An 11.6-inch model, pegged at a pre-order price of $299.99, is listed as using a Samsung Exynos 5 SoC (likely the long-rumoured Exynos Octa 5420) , 4GB of RAM and 16GB of SSD. Colour options available are currently are Black and White.

A larger, 13.3-inch model is also listed for pre-order, but at the higher price of $399.99. Interestingly, though also titled ‘Samsung Chromebook 2’, this listing makes no mention of an Exynos chipset — could it be based on a low-powered Intel CPU instead?

Confirmation of the inevitable

While these listings do appear to confirm a long-rumoured refresh of the Samsung Chromebook, originally released back in 2012, the lack of screenshots and detailed specification in the leaked listings make it hard to gauge just how accurate the information is.

That said, Chromebook models appearing on retail sites ahead of time is not without precedent. Amazon France was the first to reveal that a touchscreen version of the Acer C720 was on the way last year.

The runaway success of the original Samsung Chromebook has lead many to believe that follow-up is all-but inevitable. But are these leaked store listing that? If so, they clearly points to a release date well in advance of Google’s I/O event in June.

We’ll keep you up to date with further information as we find it.

Update 25/2: The listings have since been removed from the website. We’ve reached out to B&H for clarification.

Thanks to Maison Pulaski
  • Myles Fister

    Please oh please offer me a full HD screen!!!

  • Great to see. Chromebooks rule.

  • William Andreas

    Still Exynos5 chip ? *Facepalm*

    • I’m suspect it’ll be the Exynos 5420 – the eight-core* version.

      (*technically 2x 4 cores)

    • davidlt

      Had Exynos 5410 and 5420 development board for some. The do deliver 40% better CPU performance compared to A9. Samsung even tried pushing Global Task Switching support for 5410. I would be extremely happy if this one would be released with Samsung GH7, their first ARMv8 SOC. The just pushed patches a couple weeks ago, hopefully it’s the “Exynos Infinity” SOC. They also need to increase memory bandwidth. Snapdragon 805 does 25Gbps, while Exynos 5420 17Gbps.

      • random

        That would be a dream come true, but I think Joey is right, releasing an older processor is what helps keep their cost down, but it would be much better with an Infinity…

      • calden74

        Where did you buy your development board from, I have been looking for one myself.

        • davidlt

          ODROID XU is Exynos 5410, and Arndale Octa has Exynos5420 (this one has only basic support by Linaro Ubuntu releases). There will be ODROID XU2 with Exynos 5420 somewhere in Q1-Q2, showcased in ARM TechCon ’13.

  • I wonder how the Exynos Octa 5420 will perform compared to the Celeron 2955U.

    These things need some differentiating selling points (metal case, higher resolution, IPS/VA screen, something) if the new Exynos doesn’t catch up the Celeron, otherwise I don’t think they’re a better value than currently-available 2995U-based Chromebooks.

    • Kenny Strawn

      Since the Celeron 2955U is only dual-core while the Exynos 5420 packs in a whopping 8 cores, multithreaded performance would be absolute killer. Then again, single-threaded performance, since this is indeed an ARM processor we’re talking about, would be lacking… So, it really depends on exactly what kind of tasks you do.

      Then again, there are indeed other rumors of the device packing in the exact same 2560×1600 resolution as the Nexus 10 besides… which given that the Nexus 10 will set you back the exact same $399 that B&H’s price for the 13-inch model will, I’m not surprised about that spec either. Given that Super-PLS is the only possible way to obtain that high a resolution for that low a price, it’s probably what it has, and let me tell you, it’s definitely a Samsung-developed subset of IPS besides, easily resulting in the same wide viewing angles that the HP 11 has. So there is indeed something to value in this as well.

      • I doubt the majority of consumer Chrome apps will see much benefit from six more cores, but I’ll wait until Anandtech or some similarly-rigorous bunch tests this stuff to find out (I’m also curious what the GPU will end up being, and how it’ll fare vs the Celeron’s).

        This is a great example of the head-butting that was long predicted between Intel and the various ARM players, and (barring everything else) it’s just pretty fun to watch!

    • Boothy

      Until it’s released, who knows.

      I really hope it has good performance though. 4GB ram is a big plus, as is the rumoured 2560×1600 display.

      I got rid of the current Sammy arm, and got the older 550 3G, because I found the arm and 2G just too slow.

      Been waiting for a good new Chromebook to arrive, and this looks promising in the Octa 5420 performs.


      • Well, we know the 5420 is powerful (it’s in some variants of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, among other products) but that’s on Android; I’m curious to see the 5420 (along with its Mali-T628) benchmarked 1:1 on Chrome OS with the 2995U. Hopefully Bay Trail units will get compared too, once they start showing up.

    • random

      Geekbench already has benchmark comparisons, however don’t take it as already set in stone. The Exynos 5 Octa 5420 is in a Note 3, while the Celeron 2955U is in a laptop with a fan. I doubt Samsung will put a fan on the Exynos chip, thus, you can probably expect the results to be close, but the Intel chip will still be more powerful in the end. But again, at the expense of noise and more power.

      According to the results right now, the single core performance on the 2955u is 35% faster than the Exynos, but the Exynos is 23% faster on the multi-core performance. Single core however is the more important factor here, as it is raw performance, versus performance over the spread of multiple task.

      I was a little disappointed to see them possibly using an older chip, but who knows, maybe they pulled some tweaks out of it along the way, and it might be more powerful or at least on par in raw performance with the intel processor and still not use a fan, that would be amazing, crossing my fingers… I have been waiting for this second release.

  • calden74

    Cool, I have been waiting for this. I currently have an Acer C710, 16GB RAM, 64GB SSD. I absolutely love my Chromebook, I just wish it had a better battery. Even though I have an extra batteries (I travel a lot) I only get about 7 hours of play with the two. I would love to see at least 8 hours of battery, 10 would be optimal. I am defiantly interested in the 11.6 model. It would compliment my other darling of a gizmo my Nokia 2520 with recently acquired keyboard that has a second battery, I get about 14 hours with it, hence why I bought it. Unfortunately it’s not my Chromebook that I have become very fond of, hopefully the nee Samsung lives up to the hype.

    • Zactu

      16g ram 64gb ssd ? How did you get that?

      • toddh

        You can upgrade the RAM and ssd in the c710s. the newer versions are still a big step up even though you can’t upgrade them.

        • calden74

          Thank you for the reply, I was just about to tell him. I wish the Acer C720P had the same upgrade capabilities, big reason why I haven’t upgraded. The extra CPU power would be nice but I much more prefer the extra RAM. I bought the 64GB SSD cheap, it’s a Samsung model, think I paid 45 CHF (55 dollars) for it.

  • Kevin Gregg

    at $399, the 13.3 inch is non starter for me. needs to be $349 tops.

    • calden74

      50 bucks is going to break you. Just don’t buy any Starbuck coffee’s for week. I never understood why people get so cheap with their computer equipment. I used to pay 3,500 for my laptops back in the 90’s and I use to think, wow, what a great deal. Anything under 500 will be just gravy as far as I’m concerned.

      • Kevin Gregg

        i visit starbucks about twice per year. ;-) it isn’t really about $50 either. its about the $400 number. Why spend that kind of money on a chromebook when it will also buy an entry level laptop with traditional OS? (I owned 11 inch Acer chromebook so I know what a chromebook is) A 13 or 14 inch , 2 GB RAM with Haswell processor should cost $349.

        • Andy Stetson

          in the chromebook’s defense, it has 4GB RAM and a very high resolution screen. fully justifies the price point.

  • Curtis Mitchell

    13.3” with a gorgeous high res screen would be absolutely worth it for me at $399. Performance doesn’t even have to be significantly better than the current Samsung 3

    • garrett

      Same. If this has a high res screen with 8-10 hours battery life and hdmi out im sold at this pricepoint.

  • Sam Johnson

    Awesome. Had my ARM Chromebook for over a year now, looking for a slight change.

  • Jason

    4gigs of ram, 8-10 hr battery life, improved screen in similar or better form factor than the current Samsung model at $400 or lower and they have another best seller on their hands.