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This is Steam for Windows Running on a Chromebook

…thanks to Android.

CodeWeavers has launched its highly-anticipated CrossOver Android Technology Preview.

The tech aims to let users run their favourite Windows apps on Chrome OS via Android.

It’s still very much early days for the technology and right now you need to be invited to participate in trialling it out. It only works with Intel-based Chromebooks (sorry Flip users).

Jim Mendenhall of Starry Hope has produced a short video showing Steam (for Windows) running on Chrome OS (via CrossOver for Android).

Confusing? A bit.

But does it work? Absolutely!

Sure, it isn’t going to win any plaudits for performance just yet, and there are clearly things that need ironing out.

But as Jim reminds us in the description accompanying his clip: “This is alpha software and not anywhere near complete, simply a demonstration of what will hopefully be possible in the not too distant future.”

Crazy exciting stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Are you part of the CrossOver preview? What Windows apps would you like to run on your Chromebook?

  • alvaro guzman

    I agree

  • ikeofkc


  • juanjeremy2012

    Lol that is so gaay

  • FirstLine

    At first, I was happy to see Android apps coming to CrOS. Now I feel saddened. This is all wrong. :(

  • But why?

    • TuxedoQBert

      Steam is massively popular and a major part of PC gaming.

      Humans play games to have fun.

      • LenM

        It’s all well and good to be able to view your library/chat/etc. on Steam, but the meat of it is to be able to download your purchased product and PLAY them…something that I don’t believe will ever happen on CrOS.

  • aaphid

    Totally awesome! There are very very few things that I can’t do on ChromeOS. This will potentially cover those rare instances.

  • Nicholas Conrad

    Now can we get it running in Chromium on a Windows machine?

    • Now you’re asking the really important questions!

    • Waethorn



    this give hope for ubuntu touch :D
    then ubuntu touch come with Intel we got wine too :D

    • james___b

      What? Are you under the impression that the Chrome browser can do this?

      Aside from that, there’s no hope for Ubuntu Touch.

      • KDGNOR

        i mean Wine on ubuntu touch not the browser….

        just need it to be x86 on board not ARM…

  • Now if I could only run android apps on my Toshiba Chromebook 2 like they promised :(

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  • Well, that could be amazing.
    I use my cromebook (Acer CB3-111) a lot in my University and I’m really happy with that.
    But I need 2 or 3 windowslinux app too (a stereonet software and another one for faultsfocal mechanisms).
    So I have to use Crouton, but sometimes it’s a bit annoying since I have to use those apps and CromeOS at the same time… and I’m switching between Ubuntu and CrOS like a mad man.

    I will try CrossOver for sure!

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  • Focus Blue

    The whole idea of the Chromebook was to dis anything Microsoft and yet have a really great OS with associated programs and an OS that has anti-malware/virus as part of the design. Seriously, if you want a Windows experience….go buy a Windows OS based computer that has a chip set built for it.

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  • do you think that wine will be able to run photoshop on the chromebook?

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