Amazon has clarified the situation regarding international availability of Google’s Chromecast device.

For a short period earlier in the week the Amazon US website was allowing customers from select EU countries, including the UK, as well as those in Hong Kong and Australia, to place orders for Chromecasts – a device currently that has so far only been released stateside.

The window of opportunity was short-lived, however. Mere hours after news of the offer hit the internet Amazon halted further orders from anyone with a shipping address outside the US.

So what happened?

Amazon today sent out an e-mail sent to those who managed to place an order, explaining that international shipping of the device was the result of ‘an error’.

“This item is not currently intended for use outside of the United States,” they write, explaining that functionality will be limited and the manufacturer’s warranty void if used in other countries.

Still Honouring Orders

The good news is that the company are honouring orders. Anyone who threw down $35 plus shipping for a device can, should they wish, still receive it.

Anyone put off by lack of warranty or lack of app access can, Amazon say, cancel their order and receive a full refund, including shipping costs.

As for the rest of us waiting to get ahold of one? Well, it’s back to patiently twiddling our thumbs or paying over-the-odds on eBay.

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