quickflix chromecastThe Google Chromecast is finally available to buy in New Zealand, some six months after its Australian debut. 

Priced at NZ $61, the dongle may not sound quite as deal savvy as those currently found in the US (where it’s been on sale for a year) but it does include both VAT and delivery.

Small comfort though it may be, the cost is comparable to what Australian buyers are paying.

Streaming service Quickflix is the first local content provider to offer support in both its iPhone/iPad and Android applications. Thousands of other Cast ready apps are also available, including favourites like Netflix, YouTube, Pandora and Google Play Movies.

What is a Chromecast Again?

Chromecast allows you to turn your television into a smart TV, with an Android, iOS or Chrome browser acting as a remote control. Just attach the Chromecast to an HDMI port on your TV, set up Wi-Fi and then select content that you want to watch from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

With online streaming services booming across the world, the Chromecast is well placed to ride the wave thanks to its platform agnostic, developer friendly APIs.

Buy Chromecast in New Zealand

Chromecast is available to buy from December 10 at many of New Zealand’s leading online stores, including JB Hi­Fi, Dick Smith and Noel Leeming.

For more information head over to the Google locale mini-site.

Google New Zealand Chromecast Minisite

Hat tip Brynley M.

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