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The New Chromecast Audio

Google unveiled its colourful new Chromecast yesterday – but the bigger news for many was word that music streaming giant Spotify is finally supporting Chromecast.

Yup, after years of dancing around the issue – defiantly declaring that it had ‘no plans’ to support the service at one point, before launching its own range of ‘Spotify Connect’ speakers – Spotify Chromecast support is here at last.

Well, almost.

Explaining more about the ‘collaboration’ today, Spotify say owners of the new Chromecast will be able to ‘cast music directly’ from a phone or tablet right away.

Owners of the first-gen Chromecast – i.e. almost everyone – will need to wait for Google to push out a firmware update enabling Spotify support first. That’s expected in the coming weeks.

Google also unveiled the $35 Chromecast Audio, a smart upgrade for dumb speakers that works through a standard AUX in jack.

But Spotify is needle scratching the fun here as only Spotify Premium subscribers will be able to send content to Chromecast Audio.

Like a Spice Girls reunion with only four members, Spotify Chromecast support is better late than never.

And with rivals like Apple Music set to eat into its subscriber base, expanding its device reach beyond pricey speakers and audio speakers is a great way to ensure listeners can keep on listening, regardless of where or what they’re doing.

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