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Chromecast Offers

Google loves that you love your Chromecast, and so is offering $6 of free Play Store credit to owners of the streaming stick in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia.

Not that long-time Chromecast owners will be surprised by the gesture. The diminutive dongle really is the gift that keeps on giving.

In fact, it’s likely already paid for itself and then some were you to add up all its various offers over the past year, the most recent of which being $20/£15/€15 of credit over Christmas.

To claim your $6/£5 credit you’ll need to head over to the Chromecast offers page in Chrome, a process which also requires your Chromecast to be turned on and connected to a TV to check.

Open the Google Chromecast Offers Page

Don’t be heartbroken if it’s not listed; Chromecast offers sometimes take a while to filter out to all, some apply to new buyers only, while others are region specific.

For this offer Google says: “Enjoy a movie rental with a $6 Google Play credit when you buy and set up a Chromecast before March 23, 2015.”

That’s a pretty broad remit, and unless you’re living in the future chances are you bought and set up a Chromecast before March 23 ;)

Remember: Play Store credit can be spent on pretty much any content, not just movies. If you’d rather drop $6 on some Chromecast-compatible apps, go for it.

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